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 6 February 2018, 15:00 – 15:30
This webinar is designed for a technical audience, such as System Administrators, IT Administrators, IT Engineers, IT Managers.

About the webinar

Every scenario, be it Backup or Disaster Recovery, starts with a plan. The plan needs to balance business continuity requirements with the complexity and cost of the implementation. When you’re talking about creating a disaster recovery plan and implementing it in a datacenter, you’re looking at implementing High Availability solutions for your software and hardware, which can grow costs exponentially.

Traditional Disaster Recovery does not come cheap. You need a second datacenter, servers, power, cooling, security and on-site staff, and you need all of that just for that one time when everything goes down.

In our last webinar we discussed how to obtain a valid backup strategy with Azure Backup. In this next webinar, we will be talking about how to use Azure as your disaster recovery data center, and how to recover from a “disaster” using Azure Recovery Services while keeping costs low.

About the trainer


Florin LOGHIADE, is a Microsoft Azure MVP and Microsoft Certified Professional, and works as an IT consultant focused on Microsoft solutions based on Windows Server, System Center, Hyper-V, Azure and Automation. Florin’s current main focus is implementing and managing on-premise and cloud solutions based on Microsoft Windows Server, System Center and Azure, eliminating all the tedious management tasks using PowerShell and PowerShell DSC.

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