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Using Avaelgo’s Power Platform Apps, you can make the most out of your Azure infrastructure and solutions.

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Power Platform Apps

Power Platform Apps combines the robust power of PowerApps, PowerBI, and Microsoft Flow with our expertise, best practices and lessons learned. This unique combination offers you easy ways to explore your data, make fast & informed decisions, building comprehensive reports, and discover hidden insights for your business. You can also automate processes, making your business more efficient.

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Learn, Build & Customize

Within this package, we offer the necessary training for the customer’s internal teams to successfully build their own apps on top of the Microsoft Power Platform (assisted by Avaelgo at first).

Avaelgo Core Pre-Built Apps

You can opt to use Avaelgo’s pre-built apps such as Vacation Request Tool, IT Spend Management Tool, Visitor Check-In Management, Process optimization bots with Teams integration, and apps from the Microsoft catalogs.

Custom Development Over Existing Solutions

If you need something more customized for your organization, you can opt for custom app development (primarily using PowerApps/Flow), where we deliver a bespoke app to meet their business needs.

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