Cloud Migration Services in Microsoft Azure

Lift-and-Shift your solution to the Azure Cloud


Take your in-house app or solution and replicate it in the Cloud, without modifying its design


Achieve scalability, agility, and cost-efficiency


Make a solid choice for the Cloud Disaster Recovery plan

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Achieve seamless migration into the Microsoft Cloud:


Initial Analysis

During this phase, we will have a remote call to make an initial analysis. After the call, we will follow-up with a strategy to achieve your business needs regarding cloud migration.

During this phase, we will also provide cost and effort estimate.


Basic/POC Migration to the Cloud (IaaS or PaaS depending on analysis conclusions)

It takes a lot of technical expertise to stand up the environment, right-size the deployment, and ensure the workload is migrated correctly so there are no setbacks. Additionally, once your workload is in the Cloud, your must continually maintain it to ensure it’s performing optimally. As a Service Provider we are here to offload the burden of maintaining your cloud infrastructure so you can focus on your strategic initiatives and the things that actually add value to your business.


Post-Delivery Services

Once the lift-and-shift migration is over, we can offer 24/7/365 support, problem resolution, root-cause analysis, as well as corrective actions. You can choose from subscription-based or on request support.

Should you require additional advice or an enhanced strategy to continue the cloud migration, we offer on-request consulting.


Microsoft Azure Subscription

We offer a comprehensive set of services, among which Microsoft Azure subscriptions, so you wouldn’t have to worry of getting them yourself. One of the excellent benefits of Azure is that you only pay for what you use. It’s a true pay-as-you-go model and does not require a large upfront payment or multi-year contract.

For businesses beginning their transition to the Cloud, migrating existing applications to an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform via a lift-and-shift approach is a common first step, as it replicates in-house apps in the cloud without any redesign.

Starting small and understanding all the dependencies between applications, services, and cloud components will help determine which part to migrate first and whether other parts should be migrated at the same time.

Regardless if you look for faster time-to-market and quicker release cycles, enhanced business focus by offloading data center maintenance, or a cloud migration model that is also a solid choice for cloud disaster recovery.

Looking to easily migrate existing applications and infrastructure to the Cloud?

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