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Case study

Active Directory / Microsoft Office 365 Migration & System Center installation & configuration


IT Outsourcing / Software Development




Centralized management of servers / workstations / users

Increased WiFi security

Easier collaboration and file management

The project

The client approached Avaelgo with some issues regarding their local email system and user directory – as they were using OpenLDAP and Zimbra, they felt their options for centralized management and automation were limited compared to the ones which could be achieved by using Active Directory and Office365.

Over the course of 6 months, we have completed a successful deployment of Microsoft Office 365 and System Center installation and configuration.

At the beginning of the project the client had the following difficulties:


No easy way to perform a user / device assessment


No centralized management for server / workstation / user workstation / user policies


No overall view on security


No possibility to centrally deploy updates / software applications or operating systems

The objectives

As a result of the client moving into AD & O365, Avaelgo was particularly looking to achieve the following objectives:

Deliver a seamless migration without any significant degradation in service levels to staff


Show immediate improvements, especially in regards to mailbox maximum storage levels, overall automation and centralized policy management options


Optimize enterprise IT management by increasing overall efficiency and reducing manpower needed for day-to-day tasks

Making the move to the Microsoft Stack


Avaelgo has covered the initial planning and the migration process from OpenLDAP and Zimbra to Windows / Azure Active Directory and Office 365 for 700+ users.


We’ve also installed and configured Hyper-V and System Center on-premises for VM management, monitoring, update and patch management & software deployment, and implemented Azure Files for highly available backup snapshots.

The results



Easy management of servers /workstations / users

System Center Configuration Manager permits them to fully manage their user’s workstations

Centralized File Store for their backup server with Azure Files

Centralized workstation management is now possible

They now have the possibility of managing and securing servers / users with increased granularity

With System Center Configuration Manager, they now have the possibility of configuration / update / OS management

Increased WiFi security

Increased WiFi security by using Active Directory Authentication and Network Policy Server.

With Active Directory domain joined workstations, they now have the possibility of deploying 3rd party software to their user’s workstations

Easier collaboration and file management

Users are now experiencing additional functionality such as easier collaboration and file management

users moved to Microsoft Office 365

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