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Windows Server & SQL Server Migration to Azure

Moving Windows Server and/or SQL Server to Azure brings lots of business benefits: it reduces your costs, increases security, improves performance and scalability, and provides a robust disaster recovery strategy. 

Office 365 Implementation

A comprehensive process to

migrate Windows Server and SQL Server to Azure

Migration Assessment Workshop

Planning and Preparation

Migration and Optimization

Secure, Train and Manage

Phase 1 includes

  • Discovery sessions with client business and IT stakeholders
  • Confirm migration goals/business problems and set migration priorities
  • Create migration inventory
  • Assess migration risks and establish risk tolerance
  • Identify security risks and mitigations

Phase 2 includes

  • Map servers into logical groupings and identify dependencies
  • Complete data classification and encryption
  • Create recovery and resiliency plans to align with risk assessments
  • Estimate migration costs and ongoing Azure consumption following migration
  • Establish migration strategy: Lift and shift, refactor, rearchitect or/and rebuild or a combination
  • Build migration plan
  • Client reviews and approvals

Phase 3 includes

  • Implement the migration plan
  • Make use of Microsoft migration tools and automation scripts
  • In case of SQL server migration, sync data and perform cutover
  • Perform tests and remediations as needed
  • Analyze costs and optimize

Phase 4 includes

  • Ensure Azure security and Azure Policy are in place to manage security going forward
  • Validate data encryption strategy adherence
  • Monitor usage and costs through Azure application insights for continuous optimization
  • Training sessions with client to transition cloud management to IT
  • Client training materials for ongoing management of cloud infrastructure

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