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Azure Managed Services

Peace of mind
For Azure

Gain visibility on your cloud usage, manage your Azure resources, and take control of the cloud costs with Azure Cloud Managed Services

Monthly proactive maintenance for your Azure environments, accompanied by monitoring & recommendations to improve your security, costs, and resource management.

Azure Cloud Managed Services

Whats do you get with 

Peace of mind

Maximize Azure investments

Our Microsoft-certified experts help you design, deploy and manage your Azure environment to maximize performance, cost effectiveness, reliability, and uptime.

Predictable Azure costs

Control and optimize the licensing and consumption costs through deductive analysis on past spend, as well as predictive analysis on expected cloud overload.


Mitigate risk

Knowing that our specialists have your back, you will experience improved security, with data breach prevention and proactive notifications on top of Microsoft Azure.

Improve infrastructure operations, tooling and automation

Tools such as the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates simplify operations and ensure best practices while using automation as often as possible.


Performance and Consumption Monitoring

We make sure to detect anomalies in the performance of your Azure services and actively control your Azure consumption costs.


Best practices, improvements and optimizations

There are specific actions you can take to ensure you are getting the most from Microsoft Azure. Besides following and implementing best practices, we also focus on security and governance improvements​ and optimizing architectural decisions.

Receive insights and recommendations on future Azure features

We’re here along the way to provide insights, provide expert guidance and suggest improvements on future Azure features that may help you grow your business.

The need for Managed Services​

Would you like to

Stop worrying about critical/unplanned system downtime (email, website, CRM, etc.)?
Develop and test a clear and efficient Business Continuity Plan​?
Have a clear process for finding the root cause of any technical issues and coming up with a permanent fix​?
Have ensured someone is always taking care of your infrastructure and data (including nights, weekends & holidays)?
Easily prevent, detect and respond to cybersecurity threats and data breaches​?
Have addressed everything related to information security compliance across your organization?

With Azure Cloud Managed Service for Your Peace of Mind, you are now in control:


Cost savings & more predictable monthly costs


Performance and consumption monitoring


Security and governance improvements


Using automation as often as possible


Optimizing architectural decisions


Following and implementing best practices


Access to future-proof technology

Deep Expertise
in Microsoft Cloud Technology

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