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Peace of mind as-a-service

Peace of mind with
Office 365 & Microsoft 365

Monthly proactive maintenance for Microsoft 365 Business and Enterprise suite, and management of your Office 365 contract

How we help

Peace of mind

Reduce Support Costs and Efforts

By implementing an optimized maintenance and monitoring plan, your organization will cut the costs associated with incident management.

Maintain Maximum Efficiency

This service combines our real-world experience gained from prior customer engagements and customizes best practices from the documentation and whitepapers available to help you meet your business goals.

Monitoring & recommandations

While we are keeping a close eye on potential triggers for problems and working on recommendations and improvements on an ongoing basis, you will reduce the number of times IT issues stop your team from working.

Do you know what’s happening in your Office 365 subscription?


Are you using the maximum potential of your purchased licenses?

Level up your Microsoft 365 environment, make better business decisions based on actionable insights that cover:


Incident management


Security monitoring


How to maximize your investment in already purchased services


GDPR compliance advisory, based on your existing O365 environment


Insights and recommendations on future O365 features

Deep Expertise
in Microsoft Cloud Technology

AVAELGO Silver Competences - April 2021

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Monitor proactively every aspect of your Office 365 & Microsoft 365 suite and prevent problems.

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