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Cloud Assessment

your way to the Cloud 
Learn – Try – Adopt

During a cloud migration, it is most likely that you will need to develop new skills to be effective during migration efforts. Let’s start with a focus on a small use-case and develop a small proof-of-concept to get the hang of things.

How it works

Learn – try – adopt

Get your team trained by Microsoft Azure experts

Get your team trained by Avaelgo expert consultants, with a clear purpose of mastering core Cloud concepts and developing practical skills through hands-on training.

Identify a relevant scenario to get started with Azure / Office 365

We help you implement a Proof of Concept on that scenario, then run tests and validate it meets your business needs.

Cloud adoption, defined per project

This can turn into the first pilot adoption, going a bit further than a POC and using real workloads and data; usually, a low-risk application or workload can be covered here.

Deep Expertise
in Microsoft Cloud Technology

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