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Custom Software Development

We develop custom software for industry leaders in banking, automotive, IT, and marketing tailored to meet your business needs, maximizing efficiency and increasing profitability.


We design solutions that integrate with your existing applications, ensuring compatibility, as well as making them cloud-ready.

Custom Software Development is one of our main activities, and, as technologies change at a very fast pace, we make sure our team is ready to tackle most of your difficult challenges using the latest technology.

Custom software applications can include any aspect of your business from IT, sales, financial, supply chain, marketing, file sharing applications and so on.

You can take advantage of our experience by hiring us to build your custom solution. Software solutions we created power several enterprises’ IT department optimization, online marketing platforms, efficiency reporting tools, traceability tools, etc.

Technologies & tools we work with


Microsoft Azure


Microsoft DevOps


Microsoft .NET


Microsoft .NET Core








Azure Resource Manager




Microsoft Hyper-V


Azure Virtual Machines


Microsoft C#








Microsoft WCF


Microsoft C++


Microsoft SQL Server


Visual Studio Team System





Deep Expertise
in Microsoft Cloud Technology

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Essential components of your successful bespoke solution

You can expect us to be involved and rigorous. When developing a custom software product or service, we carefully consider each one of the project development phases:
Avaelgo Essential components of your successful bespoke solution

Business Analysis and Consulting

We assist you discover the solution’s requirements, and if necessary, we validate existing requirement delivery plan. We also help you prioritizing key features of the product / service.


Technical Software Design

We work alongside you to create a detailed document outlining strategy, functionality, cost estimation and more.


Project Management

Our project managers maintain focus on the project’s charter, and figure out how to overcome obstacles so you don’t have to. It includes all ongoing project strategy and management activities to assure the custom software project is executed on-time and delivered within budget.


Software Development

Software development is an essential aspect which helps any business to work finely. It allows you to automate your business and increase your productivity with less effort. The customized software packages are made to flourish your business and help you fulfill most of your requirements.


Quality Assurance

In addition to functionality, we focus our effort also on maintainability of your solution, to lower the cost of maintenance and future improvements.


Application Delivery

Delivering one sprint at a time, we get you into production as soon as possible. This iterative development allows end users to confirm that the delivered product is meeting their needs, and also gives our team flexibility to make changes without going over time or budget. If you need assistance with installation, we do that too.


Ongoing Support

After the included support period, you can opt to enter into a support agreement with us. This will enable us to provide you with cost-effective support for your solution. The support agreement covers fixes to bugs not found during the included support period and enhancements to the application.

Software Consultancy can be a standalone process to help you establish exactly what you need, or it can happen before we start building your software.

We intend to understand your business and vision, learn more about your strategy, and what you need your software to do. We work with you to find out what’s best for your business, starting from well known best practices and our experience with similar projects.

A software project is more than coding and your software design, tools, and processes have a great impact on how successful your custom software project or product will be.

Software consultancy

Whether your business needs a cloud-based enterprise system, a suite of mobile applications or just advice on your new website, we strive to provide innovative and high-quality IT consultancy services.

We design a roadmap for no-surprises custom software development that your team will use during the execution of the project. This is the outcome of working alongside you, to create a detailed document with a focus on business analysis, risk identification and mitigation, project milestones (including incremental releases if desired by the client), architecture design, choices of development tools, and cost estimation.

How do you know you need an assessment?

Our consultants will provide you with guidance on your particular challenges, and provide you with clear recommendations for correcting and preventing them from happening again, whether you may need to:


build or extend your enterprise solutions and create highly available, scalable applications and services


optimize an existing application


make sure your application is safe and secure

We perform a various set of assessments, providing you a clear report of specific issues in your company, followed by concrete action items for improving multiple areas of your project.

Custom design

Avaelgo takes the user experience and user interface design very seriously. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to create a beautiful, customized design that is easy to be used while ensuring a perfect reflection of your brand.

Make you solution a success

Let’s start the conversation

Whether you have an idea you want to validate, a software product you need to build, or an existing product

that needs optimization, our teams are trained to jump in wherever needed.

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