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Companies face an increasing pressure to develop, test and deliver software faster, better and cheaper. These expectations make companies to actively seek ways to shorten the time to market/production.

You heard about Dev/Test environments in Azure, but you’re still not sure how it would work in your case? Or how can you simplify and speed up the process of running dev/test environments? By all means setting up development/QA/staging environments has never been easier. With Azure Resource Manager, once you set it up it is very simple to create identical environments in a repeatable way, as it is needed for multiple deployments throughout the development process.

If you’re new to Dev/Test with Azure or you’d like to easily understand the difference between the classical on-premises approach and Dev/Test in Microsoft’s cloud, you can check out this Dev/Test infographic. It gives you a quick glance at the key differences between the on-premises vs. the cloud approach of doing Dev/Test.

So we thought of helping you get a quick jump start with Dev/Test in Azure with the most relevant information on the big whys and hows of Dev/Test. We recorded a 4-episode video series. In total, they sum up to around 35 minutes, but at the end you will be able to better understand the role and importance of Dev/Test, as well as the benefits it brings to your team and company.

Now you know how to enhance your software development processes and optimize your business with Azure.

We hope you enjoyed the series and come back for more!

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