Infographic: Why choose Dev/Test with Microsoft Azure

Aug 10, 2016 | Articles, Infographic

There’s a lot of buzz about Microsoft Azure as a result of the rapid growth and adoption of cloud-based services in the last years. Cloud applications have dramatically changed our market. However, the Cloud is still a bit mysterious to some, while others aren’t clear which is the best way to design systems to perform best in the cloud.

The Cloud, and especially Microsoft Azure, is very helpful when used for creating Dev&Test strategies. Setting up dev, QA, staging, etc. environments has never been easier. With Azure Resource Manager, it is very simple to create identical environments in a repeated way, as it is needed for multiple deployments throughout the development process. Also, the whole development process is simplified, because the development team is not required anymore to wait much time until a staging environment is created by the infrastructure team.

Click on the infographic below to download it to your computer.

Whether you plan to create Dev&Test environments with Microsoft Azure or not, we are here to help and provide you more information.

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