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Mihai Tataran
General Manager & Partner | Azure MVP

Many of our clients ask how Visual Studio Team Services (the SaaS equivalent of Team Foundation Server) integrates with Azure in order to deploy solutions into the Microsoft Cloud.

If you’re new to Azure and Dev/Test with Azure, you probably need an introduction on why it’s worth developing and testing with Microsoft Azure. Make sure you check out the first video of this series – we covered the core benefits of Dev/Test with Azure. And we also talked about how Microsoft Azure responds to the most common challenges companies face in their day by day activities:

  • the need of optimizing the development process using Azure through things like allowing the development team creating their own environments and not depending on an infrastructure team to create those environments.
  • a cost-efficient self-service at your finger tips – you can make sure that the Dev/Test environments are created and/or are live for the exact time-frame they are needed.

“The purpose of using VSTS and Azure is to stop using local / on premises infrastructure in order to build and release the solution.”

Next, in the second video of the Dev/Test series we’re showing how Visual Studio Team Services (the SaaS equivalent of Team Foundation Services) integrates with Azure in order to provision environments and to deploy solutions into the Microsoft Cloud.

How VSTS Integrates with  Azure in Dev/Test Scenarios

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About the author

Mihai Tataran

Mihai Tătăran is the General Manager of Avaelgo, and a Microsoft MVP on Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure Insider, and Microsoft Certified Professional. Mihai has been teaching Microsoft technologies courses to software companies in Romania and abroad, being invited by Microsoft Romania to deliver many such trainings for their customers.

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