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Dev/Test Automation & Continuous Delivery

Enhance your software development processes and create Dev/Test environments in seconds, not weeks.

Cloud DevOps

Cloud DevOps is the key to accelerating development projects. This is true especially for simulating the requirements and needs of large, complex environments.

Traditional Dev/Test

Business Challenges with Traditional Dev/Test


Provisioning different environments can be expensive especially when enterprises have to purchase and provision servers for testing complex environments and solutions.


Product development can be delayed by purchasing and provisioning processes, as well as human errors in replicating complex environments.

IT Challenges with Traditional Dev/Test


Delayed development with hardware provisioning and configuration.


Too much maintenance needed.


Multiple resources and budgets are frequently blocked in provisioning and configuring new hardware to simulate the production environment.


Syncing different testing environments with production ones is costly and error prone.

Because of the need to build and maintain a production-like test environment, a separate team with system administration and operations experience is required to do this.

Most of the time, there are integrations that need to be set up by IT professionals with specific skill set. So let your developers do what they do best—build great applications, and maintain their focus on application development.

DevOps in Azure

Cloud DevOps done right


Deliver quickly repeatable Dev/Test environments to your teams (developers, tester, etc)


Speed up the development cycle, because developers, testers, product owners etc. can get separate environments on demand


Deliver production quality to user acceptance tests and speeding up business acceptance


Drastically reduce production incidents


Eliminate almost 50% of the production bugs

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