Dev/Test with Microsoft Azure

Deliver Faster With Proven Dev/Test Practices


Increase software feature release velocity​​​ and software delivery speed with Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery


Improve your customer response time with monitoring and auto-remediation tools


Reduce infrastructure management errors and organizational friction with Infrastructure Automation

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Key Benefits of Dev/Test with Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Azure helps you accelerate your development lifecycle due to its ability to create environments based on templates.


Think Infrastructure as Code: developers become more involved in defining configuration and Ops teams get involved earlier in the development process.


Simply declare an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template describing your environment and reuse it anytime you need it for other deployments.


Easily specify the prerequisites on all the machines of your environment using PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC).

Achieve a Continuous Integration pipeline with Dev/Test in Azure:

Dev/Test brings not only technical benefits but also cultural and business advantages

Initial Analysis

We’ll start with a conversation to make an initial analysis of your Dev/Test current status and needs.

After the call, we will follow-up with a strategy to achieve your business needs on continuos integration and continuos delivery.

During this phase, we will also provide cost and effort estimate.

On-site Hands-On Custom Training

Based on our discoveries during the initial analysis, we can offer your team hands-on custom training to cover the knowledge gap.

The training is a 1-2 day private course but its length can be adjusted as needed by the customer. This kind of training offers a cost-effective option to get your entire team up to speed with everything needed for a successful DevOps process adoption. You’ll benefit from the discussions and examples that are relevant to your organization.

Implement Your Dev/Test Solution

The basic Continuous Integration and Deployment pipeline will be implemented together with Avaelgo.

We will manage the Dev/Test transformation activities, as well as automate integration, testing, and release tasks.

Post-Delivery Tech Support (Optional)

Once the implementation is over and you have a successful and functional Dev/Test process within your company, we can offer 24/7/365 support, problem resolution, root-cause analysis, as well as corrective actions. You can choose from subscription-based or on request support.

Post-Delivery Training (Optional)

Following the initial training, should your team require additional training to continue building a solid foundation that allows them to deliver their maximum potential, we offer on-request custom training.

Microsoft Azure, VS & VSTS Subscriptions

We offer a comprehensive set of services, among which Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio (VS), and Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) subscriptions, so you wouldn’t have to worry about getting them yourself. One of the excellent benefits of Azure is that you only pay for what you use. It’s a true pay-as-you-go model and does not require a large upfront payment or multi-year contract.

Dev/Test, Automation and Continuous Delivery Pipeline

It could mean for your business:

Achieving faster time to market by speeding up the development cycle

Improving deployment frequency, by delivering fast repeatable Dev/Test environments to your teams

Drastically reducing production incidents and shortening the time between fixes

Improving time to recovery

Accelerate your Dev/Test transformation

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