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Cristian Barsan
Business Developement Manager, Digital Transformation Evangelist @ Avaelgo

1. The culture, the attitude

When it comes to Digital Transformation we all think about new cloud and mobile technologies, disruptive business models and innovative processes. First of all we have to admit that people’s attitude towards transformation of their company is the key for starting such a process.

Business owners are the ones who have the role of creating a culture of transformation. And a transformation is possible only with open eyes and proactive attitude about trying new things. “Fail fast, learn quickly and move forward” may be the mantra for many changes. It’s obvious that you will not risk everything. But what to risk and what to start with?

2. Top-Down vision

It must start from the top – the executive – and filter down and across to all areas of an organization. In the same idea digital transformation represents a mindset change that must fully align the business around the customer.

3. Start the plan with an accurate baseline – button-up process

The challenge is to identify core business systems and processes that continue to provide value and you will not change; and secondly identify which ones stopes business agility because of complex customizations, outdated capabilities and high maintenance costs.

Audit business processes, infrastructure and IT assets with an eye toward financial costs and value to the business. Then perform a gap analysis that looks at demands by the business for new services and the investments needed to meet those needs and support the business strategy.

Integrate the core line-of-business systems and new business initiatives with mobile, cloud, social and data analytics applications.

4. Focus on quick wins

The most important thing is to demonstrate the business value of new investments. Here is the challenge, to rapidly identify meaningful results and prove the correct direction. In this way the CIOs and/or project owner will quickly win the support of top management and budget for the next steps in digital transformation process.

So, start with well-defined projects that promise quick wins and demonstrable results.

5. Hunt for new talent

The new company processes will require new skill sets, including an entrepreneurial outlook that embraces cloud and agile IT systems. Involve HR in your new digital transformation strategy for fueling the business with right candidates now and for the future. Search for new talents, search for new skills.

6. Choose the right partner

Start and execute your digital transformation with an IT/technology partner with proven results, a partner who can be your trusted advisor both short and long term. They should have different capabilities, from strong business processes understanding, to IT infrastructure, technological support and training services for your employees.

In the end do not forget, digital transformation is about people’s courage to change and try new things, about the company’s culture and right mindset.

About the author

Cristian Barsan

Cristian Barsan Cristian has more than 12 years experience in selling business solutions in the IT and B2B environment in Romania. Previously Business Development Manager at Microsoft Romania, Cristian is now Digital Transform Evangelist at Avaelgo. His main responsibilities are the generation of new projects and the development and consolidation of customer relationships, as well as current partners and potential partners relationships.

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