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Azure Cloud Managed Services for your Peace of Mind

Gain visibility on your cloud usage, manage your Azure resources, and take control of the cloud costs with Azure Cloud Managed Services

Peace of Mind with Office & Microsoft 365

Monthly proactive maintenance for Microsoft 365 Business and Enterprise suite, and management of your Office 365 contract

Microsoft 365 & Office 365 implementation

Meet your organization’s needs with an integrated security, management and productivity solution using our years of experience placed at your disposal.

Avaelgo 365

Avaelgo 365 brings together the benefits offered by the Peace of Mind for Office 365 & Microsoft 365 service pack and the multiple applications and flows ready to be used, that you can use to automate business processes within your organization.

Microsoft 365 Implementation for GDPR Compliance

Build a profitable solution to simplify the task of identifying, classifying, and governing personal data, enabling you to comply with the GDPR transparency, accountability, and recordkeeping requirements.

GDPR Pre-Assessment Report

Get help with regulatory GDPR compliance GDPR pre-assessment focused on your prioritized action items you must complete for becoming GDRP compliant.

GDPR Advisory

Meet your policy, people, process, and technology goals on your journey to GDPR Take advantage of the latest technologies, create the right processes and policies.


Securely transfer documents between your company’s account managers and customers.

Cloud Strategy Incubation Workshop

Establishing the best Cloud strategy depending on your constraints and needs, and then implement it together, starting from on-premises and going through Hybrid or Cloud only.

Learn - Try - Adopt

The easiest and safest path to Microsoft Cloud adoption.

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