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Want to keep your Web application from getting hacked? Then it’s time to get serious about building secure Web applications. But web application security is a path, not a destination. It’s about risk management and implementing effective countermeasures.

Security is fundamentally about protecting your assets. Assets that are tangible, such as a Web application, or that aren’t tangible but are really important to you – your company’s brand reputation.

Today we register an ever-increasing number and varieties of attacks that target your web applications. According to numerous studies, the preferred method for attacking businesses’ assets is though their Web applications.

Looking at the top 10 threat action varieties within a Web application attack breaches shows that some of the more well known type of threats like SQLi (SQL injection) or RFI (Remote File Inclusion) create a lesser impact compared to Social / Phishing attacks or attacks which make use of Command & Control (C2) servers or Spyware / Keyloggers.

But securing web applications is not an easy task. With continuous software delivery businesses need continuous and automated security analysis of issues, vulnerabilities and other potential threats.

If you’re interested in learning how to protect and secure your work to outsmart a malicious hacker, we prepared a Cybersecurity Awareness Seminar for you.

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