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UiPath Azure Cloud Migration



As an UiPath Advanced Technology Partner, Avelgo can help migrate your UiPath Platform from On-Prem to Microsoft Azure Cloud, by offering a complete cloud migration solution for the UiPath Platform (Orchestrator, Robots) and the dependent components.

Migration strategy

Avaelgo as a Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner and an UiPath Technology Partner offers a full-service cloud migration solution for UiPath deployments. Our cloud technical expertise teams are Microsoft Certified Professionals and Microsoft MVPs that are highly appreciated by technical communities and Microsoft. Avaelgo is long-term UiPath partner and supplier for Azure related technical infrastructure. With this combined knowledge of infrastructure and solution, we are best equipped to be your cloud migration partner.


Environment Assessment

During a one-day incubation workshop, our team focuses on the current deployment, identifying your future business needs, and developing a migration strategy. Based upon this analysis our consultants develop and deliver a roadmap/report to help you understand the current starting point, definitize your migration strategy, as well as delivering skill readiness training to your staff and/or implementing proof-of-concept (POCs) solutions when necessary.

Cloud Migration

A zero-downtime migration will be performed in most cases, where the infrastructure allows it. In all other cases, the downtime will be planned and minimized.

Cloud Optimization

Once the UiPath deployment is running in the Microsoft Cloud, our Azure Experts analyze and suggest options for the best use of cloud resources in terms of performance and cost-efficiency.

Cloud Support

Depending on your needs and internal technical skill readiness, Avaelgo is able to provide you with a managed services ongoing support for your cloud infrastructure.


The major benefit for cloud migration is the resulting cloud infrastructure as a solid fundament for your UiPath Robotic Process Automation environment.

Many benefits, such as:

scalability on demand

Cost efficiency

embedded redundancy

and many more are given by the Microsoft Azure cloud environment.


UiPath Cloud Migrations are not version dependent, any version can be migrated.

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