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Solution Optimization

Migration to PaaS

Solution Optimization

Cloud Solutions

Migration to PaaS offers companies access to all of the benefits of the Cloud


Retain control

It allows businesses to retain control over how their software applications are designed to meet their unique requirements and needs.


Smooth full transition

The most important feature in PaaS adoption is the transition of the entire life cycle management of applications to the Cloud.


Cloud computing

It also allows you to embrace components of cloud computing, which you can develop on top of.



This model lets you customize apps to your specific business needs while enjoying benefits like scalability, high availability and more.

End user experience monitoring

There’s one responsibility you’ll have, however, regardless of your migration model, and that is end user experience monitoring.

Ways to migrate to PaaS

There are two approaches to migrate existing enterprise applications to PaaS:

Direct deployment to PaaS with little changes (either the entire application or part of it)

Deployment on PaaS with some level of architectural and/or design transformation

Short term vs Long term

PaaS provides flexibility, agility and cost optimization of applications in the long term.

However, in the short term, complexities in migrating the applications to PaaS may slow down PaaS migration. Because to realize the full potential of PaaS, apps’ architectures must be adapted to accommodate the desired cloud model.

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