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Shaping The Future of Business

How digital transformation is accelerating the response time

during uncertain moments?

The world as we know it is changing rapidly and, in some cases, there’s nothing we can do to stop that. What we can do, instead, is the type of response we’re adopting to mitigate the downsides of such transformation.

Today, more than ever, we’re in a very challenging situation. Any global or local crisis has the potential to open new opportunities for businesses, and to offer the WHYs many were looking for. Probably the most frequent questions we heard a few months back were:

Why should I engage in a digital transformation journey?

Why is it so mandatory for my business?

Is a digital transformation process worth the effort?

We can understand now why digital transformation and essentially the cloud is mandatory in any business environment. All these companies that already had a digital process in place are now in a very sweet spot. Even if almost all the markets have contracted due to the global crisis, things are better for those with a digital infrastructure in place, then those who just started to build one to support remote workers and contactless processes.

Digital Transformation enables companies to adapt and react quickly

There is no doubt that digital transformation is what made companies adapt so quickly since the crisis started, and it is probably going to happen again in case of another similar situation. We can see how traditional business models are now shifting toward a digital model with new technologies that allow them to both survive in the unstable market and then thrive thanks to the gained agility. And one technology that represents the foundation of a successful digital transformation seems to be the hero these days: cloud computing.

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Digital Business. The ideal state for companies

The role of Cloud Computing in Digital Transformation

Why is the Cloud worth the struggle during a crisis like the one we experience today?


Digital Transformation in the Cloud: a successful story

A Whitepaper For Business Leaders

This paper is dedicated to all business leaders that want to understand how digital transformation can help their business mitigate the effects of a crisis situation, as well as why the cloud, the foundation of such digital initiatives, is the future of business.

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