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Security for Web Developers and Testers

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Learn about the most important web security concerns when developing websites or web applications, and what you can do to keep your software, servers and data safe from malicious attacks.

Who is it for

This course is great for developers who want to secure their client’s websites, regardless of their development platform of choice, and for anyone else who wants to learn more about web security.


Web Developers




I believe this type of presentation is a must for all web developers. Times have changed and the internet is no longer a toy, it is a complex tool that must be handled with great responsability. This course raises awareness of this and offers ways to handle these responsabilities. I highly recommend it.
Vulcan Theodor

Software Engineer

Concise presentation of the most common types of attacks on a web server / application / system. It offered me completely new information and an overview of a subject that is not quite common for me.
Razvan Mitea

Software Developer

The communication between the participants and the trainer was great. Questions were most welcomed and answered efficiently.
Alexandru Dumitrescu

Test Engineering Associate

Why should you care about Web Security as a web developer


Become familiar with common security fallacies of web applications


Mitigate against these fallacies


Basics of integrating a security development lifecycle to your team

Security is not a one-time fix, and you should think of it as a never-ending battle.

This training brings web security to the forefront of a developer’s mind and provides world-class educational material for becoming more familiar with common security fallacies of web applications, mitigate against these fallacies, and it provides the basics of integrating a security development lifecycle to your team.

Awareness is the first step in treating the disease of security fallacies in a web environment, and that is what we will do during our session. Knowing what vulnerabilities exist within a web application, a database server, a service or a product can help organizations contain possible points of exposure.

Essential Topics Covered

The seminar dives into the top common security aspects of developing secure web applications. The result will condensate as a sum of guidelines and examples in secure web development and will tackle especially the technical aspects of secure web development.

Web App Attacks Methodology


Attack Detection and Mitigation


Web Applications – Common Attacks


Integrating Security in the Software Development Lifecycle


Briefly defining cybersecurity

OWASP top 10 in depth. Production examples

Current status of web security: factors, decisions, outcomes

Mitigation for OWASP top 10. Production examples

Threat modelling for a web-based environment

Sum-up: Guidelines for web development teams

Practical examples of including threat models in development lifecycle

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Meet the Trainer

Ioan Popovici

Chief Software Engineer

The Chief Software Engineer of Avaelgo and Microsoft Certified Professional, Ioan is specialized on Microsoft technologies and patterns and practices with such technologies, acting as the architect on most of Avaelgo’s solutions. He has delivered many trainings to software companies in Romania.

Security for Web Developers and Testers

Dive into the most important aspects of web application security.

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