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Securely transfer documents
with FileShare

Use FileShare to securely transfer documents between your company’s account managers and customers.

Fileshare helps you improve your communication channel with your customers

GDPR compliant


Scalable to any number of users

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Peace of mind

FileShare is a Cloud-based application that offers a secure and completely decupled communication environment between account managers and their customers

For instance, an account manager can request information/documents from the clients and the clients can answer to the account manager requests by using a secure and GDPR compliant channel. The big advantage is that the end-users don’t need to learn how to use specific company environments and the account manager is able to use a secure channel outside his organization.


Secured and familiar

  • Integrates into the existing landscape and offers the possibility of single sign on
  • Each party uses a familiar environment
  • Configure multi-factor authentication access
  • Integrated authentication

Works with Microsoft Azure and OneDrive

  • Elasticity, cheap storage, security
  • Company compliant long-term storage

With FileShare on your side, you’ll gain all the benefits of this comprehensive platform


Fast & Secure Communication Channel


Documents are transferred in a secure way


Track and log the status of the document’s exchange


Ease of use because of integration with OneDrive


Usage reports (number of issued requests/month, number of responses to issued requests/month, number of users/periods of time, average time to respond to a request, etc.)


Cheaper storage


GDPR compliant

You can forget about


Paper-based processes which are inefficient and costly


Information exchange loops that are time-consuming


The hacks you need to do (or often don’t) to safely transfer documents


Securely transfer documents between your company’s account managers and customers

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in Microsoft Cloud Technology

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How many times have you or one of your colleagues shared confidential documents via a personal email address? Adopt a secure method to sending documents to clients without jeopardizing the your security or even theirs.

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