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Avaelgo Bootcamp 2016

15-16th September Cluj-Napoca

Amplify your skills and code yourself a new future

A two-day intensive bootcamp for ambitious developers

Avaelgo Training course certification, signed by the trainers

A deep dive training on different technologies


2 Parallel Tracks

A two-day intensive bootcamp for ambitious developers

Azure Dev / Test & ALM

This is a two-day seminar designed for both developers, developer managers and DevOps who want to improve their productivity, to sharpen their ALM skills and to facilitate completely autonomous dev and test environments, without bankrupting the company


A two day hands-on workshop with focus on proper web application developement using the ASP.NET MVC 6 stack together with HTML5.

Meet the Trainers

Alexandru Mang

Alexandru Mang

Azure MVP

Ioan Popovici

Ioan Popovici

Software Engineer, MCP


Early bird price is 1500 RON / person, VAT not included, available until July 17th.

Group discount for 2 or more persons becomes available on July 18th at the price of 1600 RON / person, VAT not included.

Full price is 1800 RON / person, VAT not included. Registration is open until August 31st.


The Bootcamp will be held with at least 25 participants.
There are limited seats, so make sure you register in time. The access to this course will be made due to the subscription and confirmation order.
Last day of payment is August 17.

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