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Pragmatic Steps for Cybersecurity Consolidation

This eBook provides a comprehensive introduction to how to protect and secure your work and business:

  • Recognize a potential dangerous or risky situation
  • Know that you need a process that takes care of this
  • Identify the resources needed to address an issue
  • Know what a “deliverable” is in terms of cybersecurity
  • Know how to collaborate with third parties in terms of cybersecurity
  • Put a price on it. Not only a cost, but a price.

Get a solid security foundation to your organization

Each organization has a unique journey towards achieving greater security, based on its own starting point, its culture, and its goals. This eBook meets you wherever you are on your specific journey and helps you build or reinforce a solid security foundation within your organization.

Regardless of where your personal focused is (business development, infrastructure, application or data arena), there are important concepts and learnings here for you. The purpose of this eBook is for you to perceive the security aspect of your product / service as an asset, something not only you can value, but also something you can put a price on, something that will give your product a clear commercial advantage. We also share recommendations on how to defend against and respond to threats and highlight other resources for additional information.


Take the ubiquitous out of the picture


Understand the importance and impact of cybersecurity


Grasp the basic building blocks of cybersecurity, and make sure you have a correct understanding of these basic concepts.


Avoid common misconceptions


Have an overview of the cybersecurity landscape at this very moment

For decision makers and IT professionals

This book is designed for decision makers to gain a high-level overview of topics, as well as for IT professionals responsible for security steps to be implemented.
All things considered, we hope that everyone who will read the eBook and will implement some recommendation to their current strategy / development / infrastructure / design / testing practices will improve their overall products’ or services’ security.

Ioan Popovici, the Chief Software Engineer of Avaelgo, Microsoft Certified Professional, Certified Information Privacy Professional / Europe, is specialized on Microsoft technologies and patterns and practices with such technologies, acting as the architect on most of Avaelgo’s solutions. He has delivered many trainings to software companies in Romania.
Ioan Popovici

Author, Cybersecurity expert

Get the free eBook

This eBook is for you if you want a comprehensive introduction on how to protect and secure your work and business, defend against, respond to threats.

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