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Free Workshop

Microsoft Tools & Services for GDPR Compliance

14 November 2018, Cluj-Napoca
This workshop is designed for technical decision makers from EPG & SMC companies, such as CTO, CIO, IT managers, IT directors or any other technical decision makers.
Free Seminar-GDPR requirements mapped with Office 365 tools

What you'll learn

With GDPR currently in effect, many companies are still struggling to cover all its requirements. Defining processes and technical that need to be implemented during their GDPR implementation.

Join us on November 14th and let’s have a look at some of the key tools and services to consider!


16:00 – 17:15

GDPR, 6 months later: performing your GDPR Assessment

GDPR key changes, an essential checklist

Improving process: COBIT 5 and GDPR

17:15 – 17:30

Coffee Break

17:30 – 18:30

Improving technology: Microsoft Tools & Services for GDPR compliance

18:30 – 19:00

Q&A, Open Discussions


Tudor Damian

Tudor Damian

Expert GDPR

Do you know how to map GDPR requirements with the right tool?

If you are IT pro or in charge of implementing GDPR in IT environment this seminar will show you how exactly these tools are working and how to configure these. This workshop showcases you the Microsoft tools and services that can help you meet the requirements and stay in compliance in the shortest period, with the minimum effort.

GDPR has a big effect on how businesses collect, store and secure personal customer data. This means that GDPR directly impacts marketing activities, sales prospecting and requires different changes within the IT departments, as all personal data needs to be handled in a more professional manner.

If your company is using Microsoft Azure, Office 365 or Microsoft 365, most probably you know that you are in charge of securing data from those environments. Microsoft already provides some tools that help you to secure data access. Dedicate time to understand what you need to do in order to become compliant and use the practical recommendations, services and tips shared in this workshop to help you get started. Then, create a plan of action for your journey to GDPR so you can ensure you and your business are complaint sooner, rather than later.

The workshop is free, but seats are limited! So make sure you register now to save yours.
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November 14 2018

16:00 – 19:00

Who is it for


IT Manager / CIO


IT Admin


IT Support


Cloud Architect



What you’ll get

Access to the workshop

Participating in this workshop you can learn from our expert how Microsoft Office 365 and Azure tools will help you in fulfilling the GDPR requirements.

Ask the expert

During and after the seminar you’ll be able to ask questions from our expert regarding GDPR and tools that help you be compliant with the regulations.

Meet Your Consultant

Tudor Damian

Expert GDPR

Tudor Damian is the Executive Manager and Partner at Avaelgo, an IT consultant and tech support specialist. With more than 10 years of experience in managing complex IT infrastructures, he is a Certified Ethical Hacker, a Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP and a technical speaker at local and regional community events. Tudor often talks about the latest technologies and trends with themes including general networking & security, virtualization technologies, OS deployment and maintenance, social engineering and information security awareness, web application security, white-hat hacking and penetration testing techniques. His day to day activities cover designing and implementing IT solutions, performing tech support and maintenance work, and delivering training sessions for experts and beginners alike.

Microsoft Tools & Services for GDPR Compliance

Learn from our experts how Microsoft Office 365 and Azure tools will help you in fulfilling the GDPR requirements

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