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Data Protection (GDPR) Services

Complete services to achieve GDPR compliance



Assess whether the GDPR applies to your organization, and, if so, to what extent



Plan with the concrete steps to improve your GDPR compliance and take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data from loss or unauthorized access or disclosure.


GDPR setup & configuration

Effectively manage your data that involves both data governance and data classification, as well as respecting the new standards in transparency, accountability, and record-keeping.

An offer to get you started:

Initial analysis: starting from 2600 EUR* + VAT / one time cost
Monthly support package: starting from 800 EUR* + VAT / month
*Depending on size and complexity

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Expertise, honest approach, professionalism

Our collaboration on GDPR with Avaelgo has been a great experience. We appreciated the integrity and expertise of their consultants, the honest approach, professionalism and open communication. The pre-assessment report has highlighted the next steps, steps we will take together so that the ultimate goal of compliance with the GDPR regulation is reached within the timeframe we have set.
In conclusion, we strongly recommend Avaelgo!

Maissam Mrad
Managing Partner Springtime & MGC Topoloveni

GDPR Advisory

Advisory for GDPR compliance steps tailored to the customer needs with ongoing advisory and support

Choose a monthly plan that suits your needs:


Ongoing GDPR advisory


Ongoing GDPR advisory


Ongoing GDPR advisory

GDPR Compliance Steps Overview

Discovery Workshop & Pre-Assessment Report

1. GDPR Discovery Workshop

1 day, on-site

GDPR Training meant to familiarize customer with GDPR requirements, while addressing any customer-specific questions

2. Pre-Assessment Questionnaire

2-3 days, done by the customer
Meant to describe a very high-level overview of the current state within the organization (or a group centralized view) when it comes to GDPR

3. Pre-Assessment Report

Current state (high-level), a list of prioritized recommendation

Usually delivered 10 days after Pre-Assessment Questionnaires are sent in (may vary based on consultant availability at the time)

GDPR Advisory

4. Perform Internal Data Mapping

1-6 weeks, performed internally by the customer

Advisory services (legal, process & tech) available on-demand during this time

5. Create GDPR Compliance Roadmap

In-depth, complete GDPR Gap Analysis

1-6 weeks, based on results of the Initial Gap Analysis

6. Ongoing GDPR Compliance

Internal DPO-driven process, with advisory & technical implementation services, as well as legal counsel available on-demand

“When it comes to data protection, small businesses tend to be less well prepared. They have less to invest in getting it right. They don’t have compliance teams or data protection officers. But small organisations often process a lot of personal data, and the reputation and liability risks are just as real.”

Elizabeth Denham

President of the Centre for Information Policy Leadership


“As the GDPR raises the privacy bar to a new level, I think cloud computing is going to help many organizations manage their data better and ultimately be more protective for an organization. If they work with the right trusted partners, it will go a long way towards satisfying their GDPR compliance.”

Bojana Bellamy

President of the Centre for Information Policy Leadership

Key Benefits of Becoming GDPR Ready


Trust and Improved Business Reputation

Major data breaches have made global headlines, but the problem of data protection is a lot bigger when smaller companies are considered.


Customers will have more confidence in your brand

Being certified as GDPR complaint is going to be a major plus in marketing terms, boosting your business’s reputation as secure in the eyes of potential customers.

With a reputation for being ‘cyber safe’, it will also greatly improve loyalty amongst your existing customers.


More Accurate Data

The accuracy levels of data stored in your company’s database will be much improved.


The increased data accuracy will result in higher communication efficiency

This is a great opportunity to fine-tuning your database. You’ll be able to keep only personal details that your customer relationship management specifically requires and that you have proven permission to use. That means prioritizing quality over quantity, making your CRM easier to operate and data more accurate.

GDPR is serious business. Make sure you are ready.

Find out how much will it cost

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