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Cybersecurity Strategy

Make sure your business is safe and secure


Protect your business from internal and external cyber threats


Know and apply best practice strategy and policies for your business


Enhance the “immune system” of your organization and turn cybersecurity into your competitive advantage


Comply with the new GDPR regulation and reduce potential fines, avoid losses contingent to a cyber attack, and minimize the financial impact in case of data breaches.

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How much will it cost

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Achieve a solid cybersecurity ecosystem in your company:

Every organization needs to have a long-term vision and strategy when it comes to IT Security.

Initial Analysis

During this phase, we will have a conversation to make an initial analysis of your current state of cybersecurity.

On-site Hands-On Custom Training

Based on our discoveries during the initial analysis, we can offer your team hands-on custom training to cover the knowledge gap.

The training is a 3-5 days private cybersecurity awareness training, and can be adjusted as needed by the customer. This kind of training offers a cost-effective option to get your entire team up to speed on everything needed for a successful implementation of the cybersecurity strategy. You’ll benefit from the discussions and examples that are relevant to your organization.

On-site security assessments (optional)

An on-site security assessment is a formal examination of your facilities’ overall security that takes an in-depth look at all aspects of the site’s security. It identifies any weaknesses and finds new ways to reduce costs.

Automated and manual security assessments

The outcome of the assessments is a report with the summary of findings and recommendations (found risks, threats and vulnerabilities), while also including recommendations on how to address the found security issues.

Tech Support

Once the security assessment report is delivered, we can offer security support, problem resolution, root-cause analysis, as well as corrective actions. You can choose from subscription-based or on request support.

Ongoing Cybersecurity Consulting

Should you need additional advice or enhancing your cybersecurity strategy, we offer on-request consulting and training.

Technology is no longer optional, something “nice to have” – it’s one of core business enablers. And should be protected accordingly. Lots of C-suite managers learn from high-profile cybersecurity attacks that cybersecurity is no longer just an IT concern, but a business risk of the highest rank.
An effective cyber security strategy must take into consideration the entire context of the business, starting with understanding how cybersecurity enables the business and how does cyber risk affect the business. When done right, cyber security will act like an immune system for your organization.

Make sure you have a plan to keep your business is safe and secured

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