Web Development with ASP.NET MVC5 and Microsoft Azure

Hands-on practice with thorough explanations, presentations, demos, small standalone exercises during the training.
A 5 days seminar for middle .NET developers

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About the course

At the end of this course, you will be able to architect and program ASP.NET MVC 5 solutions which run in Microsoft Azure. On top of this, you will have a clear and complete view of Azure’s services, options and features.

This course is also helpful to prepare for Microsoft Certification exams:

Exam 70-534: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

Exam 70-486: Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications

This training is for

This course is aimed at programmers, software project managers, software team leaders – with a minimum experience in programming.

Software Project Managers


Software Team Leaders



Day 1

1. Introduction of ASP.NET technologies

2. Model View Controller

Why MVC. Architectural considerations

URL Routing explained. Custom routes. URL rewrite

Views with the Razor engine


3. Request processing pipeline. Extension points in ASP.NET MVC. Attribute routing

4. Views, Strongly typed views, Partial Views

5. Output Caching, Async Controllers

6. HTTP Modules and HTTP Handlers in ASP.NET MVC

Day 2

7. Session management

8. MVC with Entity Framework and data access. EF code first, migrations

9. Data annotations, validation, client side validation

10. Complex binding, Custom Model Binders

11. Action Filters

12. Architecting ASP.NET MVC solutions:

Dependency Injection

Unit of Work

Repository Pattern

Day 3

13. Introduction to Microsoft Azure, the full view: IaaS, PaaS, elasticity explained – presentation

14. Websites, Cloud Services (WebRoles and WorkerRoles), Virtual Machines. Lab with Websites and Cloud Services

15. Azure Storage. Lab with Table Storage and / or Blob Storage

16. SQL Database. Lab with Entity Framework accessing a SQL Database

Day 4

17. Transient faults and retry policies with Azure Services. Lab with retry policies

18. Hosting ASP.NET MVC applications. More about IIS: Application Pools, request processing; details about the Cloud Services in Azure from a hosting perspective

19. Load balancing web applications: horizontal and vertical scaling, Application Request Routing, state considerations and changes

20. Azure Autoscaling options

21. Azure Mobile Services

Day 5

22. Azure solutions operations: powershell commands for automating tasks

23. Azure Caching

24. Azure Diagnostics

25. ASP.NET Identity and Azure Active Directory

26. Patterns in Azure:

Compute-intensive applications

Long-running applications

Storage-centric solutions


Previous ASP.NET MVC 5 and Azure knowledge is not necessary, but .NET and C# skills are helpful.


The trainees need a personal laptop with Visual Studio 2013, Azure SDK and access to an Azure subscription.


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