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A 2-to-3 days hands-on training

Web Development with ASP.NET MVC 5 and HTML 5

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A 2-to-3 days hands-on training for .NET developers with thorough explanations, presentations, and demos.

Essential Topics Covered

Throughout the duration of the training, we will cover the most important aspects of ASP.NET MVC and HTML 5


Common grounds of web applications


Stateless vs state-aware web applications


Proper manage resources


Decoupling components


The environment a web app is running in


Maintenance of your application


Design your web application


Scalabillity of a web application/p>

Get comprehensive training for your .NET team

Meet the Trainer

Andrea Saltarello ASP.Net core seminar

Ioan Popovici

Chief Software Engineer

Ioan Popovici, the Chief Software Engineer of Avaelgo, Microsoft Certified Professional, is specialized on Microsoft technologies and patterns and practices with such technologies, acting as the architect on most of Avaelgo’s solutions. He has delivered many trainings to software companies in Romania.


It was more informative than the usual “buy the product” trainings

Ripa Horatiu

Senior Technical Consultant

The coding examples were very good.

Cristina Dragos

Senior .NET Developer

It compiled many advanced MVC topics and best practice techniques over 2 days training only.

Nicolae Laslo



The participants shouls have at least:


The participants should have at least:
~8 months experience with .Net development using C# for a three days course
1 year experience with .Net development using C#
1 year of experience in developing ASP.NET web applications

Hardware installation requirements:

WiFi/LAN switch/router to provide connectivity for the laptops and development boards
NOTE: the more performing laptop specs, the better

Software installation requirements:

Visual Studio 2015
IIS (non-express)
Elevated privileges

Get comprehensive training for your .NET team

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