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Microsoft Azure Overview

If you want to design a new solution for the Cloud, migrate an existing one to Microsoft Azure, or work in a hybrid scenario (on-premises and in the Cloud), then this training is for you.

Here’s what your team will get


Access to the SEMINAR

This training is full of real-life examples, practical approaches your team will find useful to know in order to take advantage of Microsoft Azure.


Full slides and additional resources

After the seminar they will get access to all the slides presented. They will also get some extra resources: materials and tools to put your knowledge into practice.


Ask the expert

During and after the seminar they will be able to ask questions from our security expert with over 10 years of experience in the field of security.

Who is it for

The Microsoft Azure Overview seminar is designed for


Software Architects


Software Developers


IT Professionals

who want to understand the inner workings of the Microsoft Cloud technology.

Be competitive with the Cloud

The Cloud is already here and its adoption is accelerating. Gartner estimates that by 2020 more compute power will be sold by public cloud providers (IaaS and PaaS) than sold and deployed into enterprise data centers.

Even though the Cloud market will probably hit the $200 billion mark by 2024, there are still misconceptions and a huge gap between perception and reality. People (IT Managers, CIOs, and professionals included) tend to think the Cloud is just another term for co-location or hosting.

The reality couldn’t be more different, with the Cloud being a true revolution because of a few factors like:


the unique pricing model where you pay per what you use


its ability to scale automatically (called elasticity)


the possibility to attain immense compute power in a matter of minutes and dispose it when done with the workload

Essential Topics Covered


How to deploy and run applications there (which are the most important options and differences between them) in IaaS and PaaS models


Discuss in detail the data platform mix in Microsoft Azure: how to store and query data


Deep understanding of the Analytics options in Azure, including Big Data technologies like HDInsight


Identity in Azure, or how to provide authentication and authorization in Azure solutions using its services


Paradigm changes, useful when migrating and also when building a solution from scratch: state-less, load balancing, shared resources (throttling, transient faults)


Operations and maintenance, (auto)scalability of a solution in Azure, cost management


Understand how Azure security & compliance helps you and your organization meet obligations


How to become more efficient during your software development cycle, doing Dev and Test with Microsoft Azure


Great course for any level of familiarity with Azure.

Tiberiu Boros

Junior Developer

I’ve been looking for opportunities to learn more about MS Azure, and how to use it in order to suit my needs, what kind of subscriptions, platforms, and so on, and also to gain more knowledge about the offered services. Now I did!

Ionut Buciuman

Frontend Developer

I got to understand a little more how and what can be done in Azure, its limits and expected enhancements.

Ciprian Pop

Senior Engineer

Meet the Trainers

Avaelgo has a team of experts creating and updating bespoke courses that focus on the Microsoft Cloud. We constantly stay ahead of the curve to ensure your team is learning the latest technology available.

Mihai Tataran Microsoft Azure Training

Mihai Tataran

Azure MVP

Alexandru Mang Microsoft Azure Training

Alexandru Mang

Azure MVP

Florin Loghiade Microsoft Azure Training

Florin Loghiade

Azure MVP

Ioan Popovici Microsoft Azure Training

Ioan Popovici

Chief Software Engineer

Why Avaelgo

Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals on Microsoft Azure and Data-center Technologies are here to help you learn the inner workings of Microsoft Azure

Years on experience in real-world solutions running in Microsoft Azure

Training sessions and presentations on Microsoft Azure delivered

Get comprehensive training for your team

Whether your team is just getting started or they are seasoned pros, custom Microsoft Azure training courses can help them obtain the knowledge and skills they need to be successful and confident.

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