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2 days seminar

Develop for Windows using Universal Windows Platform

A seminar for C# developers that want to start developing for Windows 10 with presentations, demos and discussions.

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Universal Windows Platform is a platform-homogeneous application architecture introduced in Windows 10 that enables having one project and one binary that runs, scales and adapts from IoT running on headless devices (RPi, Intel) to mobile phones and desktop devices up to the Xbox One and HoloLens.

Essential Topics Covered

During the 2 days of training we will cover the major aspects of developing for Windows 10:


Building applications for Continuum


Develop for Windows 10 IoT devices


Submitting the applications to the store


Live Tiles, Notifications and Action Center


Integrating with Microsoft Azure: Azure Mobile Apps, Notification Hub


The UWP framework: Application Lifecycle, App-to-app communication, application services, XAML controls and data binding


Adaptive UI and Code

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Meet the Trainer


Dan Ardelean

Windows Platform Development MVP and Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer

Dan Ardelean is a Windows Platform Development MVP and Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer, focuses on cross-platform mobile development. He founded XpressCode (focused on cross-platform mobile development and consulting) and co-founded Mahiz (focused on web, cloud, mobile and education). He is also a speaker at various national and international conferences and Microsoft events and doing training on Windows Platform technologies and Xamarin tools.


Experienced hands-on and interesting courses.

Scrob Alexandru/p>

Software Engineering Associate

Real-life examples, practical knowledge, learning by doing.

Anna Deák

Software Engineering Associate/Scrum Master

I got the opportunity to see how a software solution is usually attacked and what are the steps to increase it’s security.

János Puskás

Software Engineering Consultant


The participants shouls have at least:


Participant should have:
good C# programming language skills
already used Visual Studio

Experience on mobile development is welcomed, but not required.

Hardware installation requirements:

Windows 10
Visual Studio 2015 Community Update 2
WiFi/LAN switch/router to provide connectivity for the laptops
NOTE: the more performing laptop specs, the better

Software installation requirements:

The following software needs to be installed on each participant’s laptop prior to the workshop:
Visual Studio (Community Edition or better)

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