Cross-Platform native mobile development using Xamarin

A 3-to-4 days hands-on training for C# developers that want to start developing cross-platform native mobile applications on iOS and Android.

Thorough explanations, presentations, demos, small standalone exercises.

The workshop

In the past few years mobile app development has become a booming industry. Today there are three major players when talking about mobile operating systems: Apple (iOS), Google (Android) and Microsoft (Windows) each one with its development language and tools.

Having three different teams developing for each OS increases the complexity of project management, development time, ROI and especially giving support on each platform. Xamarin cross-platform development tools enables using one programming language (C# or F#) to create NATIVE mobile application for iOS, Android and Windows that can share a common codebase. Even more with Xamarin.Forms, shared interface design for all three platforms can be accomplished within its XAML-based framework.

Xamarin makes this happen from your Visual Studio IDE, by providing a language projection of the native platform libraries (Android or iOS) to C# and an implementation of the .NET framework that runs on that device.

What you’ll learn

During the 3 or 4 days of training we will cover the basics aspects of using Xamarin tools to develop native mobile applications

Developing for iOS using Xamarin.iOS and Android using Xamarin.Android: create, building and deploy iOS and Android applications using Visual Studio and / or Xamarin Studio: project structure, application lifecycle, iOS and Android Designer, running code in the background.

Xamarin.Forms cross-platform UI framework: project structure, layout system, basic controls, XAML, data binding.

Cross-platform mobile development: concepts of sharing code across platforms using shared projects and Portable Class Libraries, working with SQLite and mobile data, consuming REST-based Web Services

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Meet the Trainer

Dan ARDELEAN is a Windows Platform Development MVP and Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer, focuses on cross-platform mobile development. He founded XpressCode (focused on cross-platform mobile development and consulting) and co-founded Mahiz (focused on web, cloud, mobile and education). He is also a speaker at various national and international conferences and Microsoft events and doing training on Windows Platform technologies and Xamarin tools.


Participant should have:
good C# programming language skills
already used Visual Studio
Experience on mobile development is welcomed, but not required.


WiFi/LAN switch/router to provide connectivity for the laptops
NOTE: the more performing laptop specs, the better


The following software needs to be installed on each participant’s laptop prior to the workshop:

For laptops running OS X
Xamarin tools for OS X
a virtual machine with Windows, on which you should have Visual Studio 2015 (Community Edition or better) and Xamarin tools for Windows.

For laptops running Windows
Visual Studio 2015 (Community Edition or better)
Xamarin tools for Windows (free)
set up a MacInCloud trial plan.
Note: You need to set up a 2 days trial subscription plan, that costs 0.99$. We recommend you to cancel the subscription once the workshop in over, in order to avoid future payments.

Get comprehensive training for your team

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