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.NET Distributed Applications Workshop

A 3-day hands-on workshop for experienced .NET developers


The course is addressed to experienced .NET developers (minimum two years of experience with developing .NET applications) that are often faced with distributed applications challenges. It will cover technical caveats available to .NET developers for achieving reliable, performant, and maintainable distributed applications. Microsoft Azure might be used as a backbone for our demo applications. Microsoft Azure knowledge is not required for attending this course, however some experience in developing distributed applications is required.

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What you’ll learn

This seminar will be a hands-off training format. The topics from the agenda will be presented by the trainer with demos (apps, code). The trainees do not need a personal PC / laptop. There will be no hands-on exercises.

During the seminar, we will cover the most important aspects of web application security such as:

What is a distributed application?

Common fallacies for coupling components.

Messanging patterns. How to choose the appropiate communication model for your components.

Building a real world application that contains all the concepts explained during the previous modules.

Patterns for thinking in terms of Layers, Tiers and Components.


Transactions accross component boundaries.

Meet the Trainer

Ioan POPOVICI is the Chief Software Engineer of Avaelgo, Microsoft Certified Professional, is specialized on Microsoft technologies and patterns and practices with such technologies, acting as the architect on most of Avaelgo’s solutions. He has delivered many trainings to software companies in Romania.

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