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Welcome to Power Platform Hackathon, a one-day workshop built for Power Platform solutions and experts!

What is the purpose of the day?

We want you to experience and explore the power and value of Microsoft technology through several pre-prepared, common banking use-cases. Years of technology advisory experience, working across the Financial Services sector, means we have a clear perspective on the pain-points and the parts of financial institutions primed for optimization. Working together, in teams, throughout the day, we’ll address those challenges head-on.

We also want to show you the potential of the technology; the best way of doing that is for you to experience first-hand what can be achieved in only 6 hours. At the end of the day, every team will present their solution and each team will vote to determine the best solution thus finding the winner of the Hackathon.

This is an excellent, collaborative, team-building experience, where you and your colleagues will explore new technologies while implementing solutions to some of your daily challenges.

Registration eligibility

To register for this hackathon, a team of approx. 5 people is required. These people can come from many different backgrounds within your organization. Technical expertise is not a requirement for this event although technical people are welcomed. We will add some Avaelgo and Microsoft experts and consultants to your team who will guide you through the build of your application.

Event preparation

You actually don’t need anything to prepare. In fact, it is important that nothing gets built before the day, so all teams start at the same position. You will only need to bring your ideas and some enthusiasm. Your team leader will prepare all the environments and resources needed for the whole day.

The key objective is to develop sample apps that deliver business benefits for your company and cultivate ideas within your organization. Fill out the form now and join us to support you in applying your newly acquired Power Platform skills into practice!

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