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Cybersecurity Consulting

Security is not a one-time fix, and you should think of it as a never-ending battle. Therefore, the need to properly secure web applications is critical. Knowing what vulnerabilities exist within a web application, a service or a product can help organizations contain possible points of exposure.

Our team of consultants, our knowledge of the latest technologies, as well as our capabilities and methodologies, make us the first choice for many organizations that are serious about protecting their information and their online presence against cyber security threats.

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IT Risk Assessment and Risk Management

IT Risk is the business risk associated with the use, ownership, operation, involvement, influence and adoption of IT within an enterprise or organization, and it is essential to company strategy, operations, financial reporting and compliance. Almost every business decision requires executives and managers to balance risk and reward, and efficiency in that process is essential to an enterprise’s success. Too often though, IT risk (business risk related to the use of IT) is overlooked.

While other business risks such as market, credit and operational risks have long been incorporated into the decision-making processes, IT Risk has usually been relegated to technical specialists outside the boardroom, despite falling under the same risk category as other business risks: failure to achieve strategic objectives.

We help our customers address business risks related to the use of IT, looking at industry standards, frameworks and best practices, as well as focusing on real world examples and specific plans on how to implement IT Risk Management on every level of your company. We will help the customer clarify and implement topics such as Risk Governance (Appetite and Tolerance), Evaluation and Response while looking at IT Risk Management as a continuous process instead of a one-time fix.

IT Security Audits

Auditing ensures compliance with documented procedures and standards, and helps in equipping the customer to achieve industry best practices. Our IT Security Audits focus on the people and processes used to design, implement and manage security within the infrastructure.
Even though it is IT management that usually initiates these IT Security Audits, in performing them we make sure that there is a baseline involved for processes and policies within the entire organization.

This process includes both manual assessments (interviewing the staff, reviewing application and OS access controls, analyzing physical access to the systems) as well as automatic ones (generating audit reports and scans, monitoring and reporting changes in the infrastructure, etc.)

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Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment

All IT systems have the potential to leak information in one way or another. We help companies find out which are the main infrastructure security risks they are prone to face.

An Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment extends the IT Security Audit and helps organizations identify security vulnerabilities, even though it provides no indication if the vulnerabilities can be exploited or the amount of damage that may result from the successful exploitation of the vulnerability.

Through proper assessment, potential threats from hackers (outsiders), former employees, internal employees, etc. can thus be determined and prevented.

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Web Vulnerability Assessment

Nowadays, most organizations likely rely upon a large number of software applications to extend their business to customers and employees. Most of these applications are delivered through web browsers, mobile devices, and even custom API’s.

A Web Vulnerability Assessment is simply a vulnerability scan focused mainly on one or more web sites/services instead of the entire infrastructure. It helps identify potential security vulnerabilities with said web sites and can provide detailed information for developers to be able to address and prevent the issue.

Penetration Testing

Protecting customer privacy and preserving intellectual property presents a real challenge to every organization. Weaknesses can be exploited to retrieve secrets or even to be reverse engineered.
Our Penetration Testing services extend IT Security Audits and Vulnerability Assessments, through testing the organization’s security by simulating the actions of an attacker and its potential consequences.

This helps organizations determine various levels of vulnerabilities and to what extent an attacker can damage the network, before that damage actually occurs, while also revealing security weaknesses that a typical vulnerability scan misses. It can even help in disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

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Social Engineering Consulting

Even though it is rarely considered and addressed as an integral part of information security (and often simply ignored altogether), Social Engineering can still pose a great risk. Our Social Engineering consulting and assessment services allow you to detect weaknesses to better address your staff-related security issues. At times, IT Risk associated with the human factor can prove to be even more damaging than a technical issue, but many companies fail to acknowledge this fact.
The result of making use of our services is a more secure working environment against data compromising attempts, fraud, as well as a more threat-aware staff, increasing the overall security posture of your organization, be it through an actual assessment or just through staff awareness training programs

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