On 18th of March 2021 at 2 PM we’re hosting a free virtual workshop on a very hot topic these days: SAP on Microsoft Azure.

The workshop is designed for technical decision-makerscloud architects, and IT professionals who have architectural expertise in infrastructure and solutions design in the cloud, as well as SAP Basis experience.

When migrating SAP to the cloud, the Lift and Shift method represents the most common approach. This means re-hosting your current solutions to VMs in the cloud.

By choosing the lift-and-shift strategy to take servers from the on-premises environment and re-create them as Azure VMs, you gain more flexibility, making it possible for you to quickly and easily scale your SAP systems up or down for current and short-term needs, not for the maximum load over the next three to five years.

Using the CAF methodology in the migration process, we design a path to cloud adoption specific to your organization’s needs, following Microsoft’s recommendations, tools, and best practices. Once the migration is completed, we help you to gain more visibility of their cloud usage, manage Azure resources and take control of their cloud costs.

Join us for a free virtual workshop

Meet the speaker

Mihai Tataran

Mihai Tătăran

Avaelgo CEO
Microsoft Azure MVP | Microsoft Regional Director

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