24th May, Cluj-Napoca

Dive into ASP.NET Core Seminar

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This training is for every web developer interested in getting a real-world introduction to ASP.NET Core, whether they already know ASP.NET or are new to Microsoft’s web toolkits.

Essential Topics Covered

This training aims at delivering a from scratch, pragmatic introduction to ASP.NET Core: we’ll start with an overview of the framework architecture, then focusing on features and techniques that are more used in real world projects.


Firstly, we’ll have a look at Visual Studio’s web projects refactored structure and assets management, understanding how to take advantage of new features, such as the brand-new integrated support for multiple deployment environments.


Afterwards, we’ll have a deep dive on the runtime pipeline and understand how every day’s use middlewares such as MVC, compression and caching plug into and how to create our own’s.


A good deal of the content will then be dedicated to the implementation of web sites and REST APIs, learning how to manage cross-cutting concerns such as security, dependency injection and logging.

Runtime pipeline

Data Access with Entity Framework Core

Dependency Injection

Implementing web sites and applications with ASP .NET MVC Core

Extending ASP .NET Core


Implementing a REST API

Why should you care about ASP.NET Core?

To companies already using (or interested in) ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Core offers notable key advantages:


Streamlined runtime


Capable to squeeze higher performances


Scalability out of available hardware resources


Develop and deploy applications on non-Windows environment, such as MacOS, Linux, using an ISO-standardized programming language (C#)

That is, the best of both worlds: the vast Visual Studio family-centric ecosystem plus the convenient and money-savvy option of Linux deployment options. And the chance to reuse most of your existing code, too.

For how much similar ASP.NET Core might appear to its “Classic” counterpart, tough, it is worth our while to know the differences in order to not trigger the threat posed by the assumption that we actually can design our solution in the same very way we’re already used to.

Meet the Trainer

Andrea Saltarello ASP.Net core seminar

Andrea Saltarello

Solution Architect, ASP .NET/IIS Microsoft MVP, Microsoft Regional Director

A solution architect with more than 15 years of experience, Andrea is still eager to write code in real projects in order to get feedback about his architectural decisions; he is the co-author of “Microsoft .NET: Architecting Applications for the Enterprise” by Microsoft Press: first released in 2008, the second edition hit the stores in September 2014.

As a trainer and speaker, Andrea had several speaking engagements for courses and conferences across Europe such as Codemotion, DevWeek and Tech-Ed Europe; he also taught “Operating Systems” during the “Master in Editoria Multimediale” class organized by the University “Politecnico of Milan”.

An ASP.NET/IIS Microsoft MVP award since 2003, in 2016 he has been appointed a Microsoft Regional Director.

ASP.NET Core Training

Dive into the world of ASP.NET Core and learn how to build easy-to-maintain web applications.

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