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Cloud Assessment

Your Cloud Strategy
Detailed Discovery Workshop

Establishing the best Cloud strategy depending on your constraints and needs, and then implement it together, starting from on-premises and going through Hybrid or Cloud only.

 How it works

Detailed Discovery Workshop

Identifying your business needs

Discovering and understanding
your current business situation
and true pain points are essential
to this workshop. We’ll find out
what’s your biggest inhibitor to
company growth, what takes up
most time in your day, and what’s
been repeatedly discussed at
company management meetings.

Developing a winning Cloud strategy

The Cloud brings with it a new set
of challenges including application
design, security and compliance.
We help you design the best
Cloud strategy using, as needed,
Infrastructure as a Service,
Platform as a Service, Containers,
Block Chain etc.

Deliverables by Azure experts

Based on the previous discoveries,
our consultants will develop a
roadmap to help guide your
leadership and teams in creating a detailed plan for a successful
migration and governance
strategy, tailored to your
organizational business goals.

Securely migrate your infrastructure and applications to Azure Cloud


Bottom-up analisys of current IT and applications


Winner Cloud strategy


Start small with a Pilot execution


Complete the organization transformation

Deep Expertise
in Microsoft Cloud Technology

Harness the power of the Cloud

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